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ZanoCloud is a full-service technology consulting firm. From planning to implementation and support, we can help you get the most out of your technology investments.

What We Do

Big Data, Analytics and Reporting

You have lots of data but it takes too much time for your applications to process it? Have relational databases that cannot efficiently handle your millions and billions of records? We build distributed applications using scalable frameworks like Spark and specialized data formats like Parquet. They parallelize your data processing using many worker nodes and can scale almost indefinitely.

Cloud migration and architecture improvements: AWS, GCP

Have infrastructure and services on-premises but tired of hardware upgrades, over- or under-provisioning or missing capabilities? Want to have a managed scalable up-to-date environment where you pay only for what you actually use? We help you to migrate to one of the major cloud providers as AWS or GCP. Already have a cloud environment but think how to improve its architecture? We provide analysis and recommendations on service design and usage.

Cloud costs analysis and optimization

Your cloud provider bills make you crazy? Cannot explain why used resources cost so much? Want to estimate cost changes for a new project? We'll help you with cost analysis and provide recommendations to lower spending.

Infrastructure configuration management

You have cloud or on-prem resources and want to persist their configuration? Need to spin up new resources with specific parameters? Want to version control your infrastructure configuration to always know what and when changed? We describe your infra components using the Terraform tool and automate resource management.

Backend and API (REST, GraphQL)

You have a frontend application that needs a backend server? Need a public or an internal API? We build REST and GraphQL services to support your clients.


You have a monolith app that is hard to maintain and different teams have a hard time to synchronize changes to? Split the monolith into a set of microservices - small applications that can be independently managed, have individual release cycles and explicitly define service contracts. We'll design a system that works for you.

Kubernetes, Containers

Application deployment never was so easy and seamless as with containers. Remember all the times you had a dependency hell when two applications required different libraries on the same machine? Or when your engineers needed an easily configurable development environment as close as possible to your production one? We help you to build and deploy your applications in a containerized environment.

CI/CD pipelines

Tired of manual build processes, unknown statuses or your builds or manual deployments? We configure automatic CI/CD pipelines that can trigger builds on changes in your version control system or based on other events. Once built the artifacts can be automatically published or deployed into your dev or prod environment.

Workflow automation

You have many tasks and multistep procedures and want to reliably execute them? Want a history of what and when was run? Looking for an integration with other tools as part of your pipeline? We'll configure workflow automation so you'll never need to do this manually again.

Application development: Java, Scala, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, Shell Script

Need to write a new or modify and extend an existing code using one of our languages of expertise? We are ready to help!

ZanoCloud is a leading provider of IT consulting services. We help businesses leverage the latest technology to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

Our leadership

Dmitry Zanozin is a Founder & CEO of ZanoCloud.com. He is a passionate entrepreneur and leader in the tech industry with more than 20 years of experience in big data projects, high volume event processing, and scalable cloud services. 

We’re a technology consulting company that helps businesses make the most of the cloud. We work with all the major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. We help companies save money on their infrastructure costs, and we also help them to simplify their architecture and make it more manageable. In addition, the company also offers a wide range of technology services, including design of big data pipelines and software development. We’re now one of the leading technology providers in the space, and our success is built on making life easier for our customers.

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